2015 Graduates

2015 Graduates Rowing Club of The Woodlands

The Class of 2015 were the foundation on which RCTW rebuilt our Junior program in 2012.  These young people have helped us build a new program with integrity and hard work.  They endured through growing pains, and stuck with us in spite of less than ideal conditions.  RCTW cannot thank them enough for believing in themselves and this program!  Thanks to them we have a growing and thriving Junior Team!


Evelyn is in the fore ground

I’m Evelyn Kylander and I have been rowing for 3 years on RCTW and 1 year in Pittsburgh. Next year I will attend the University of Texas at Austin in the McCombs School of Business. For me, rowing was an opportunity to build my leadership skills while building myself physically to work towards my goals. The grueling summer practices and challenging weekend regattas made me a stronger person, and I will take with me the experiences I’ve had with my teammates and coaches to college and my future endeavors.


Sr Pic 20001

Casey Riddle — Rowing to me has meant learning.  You learn to work as a team because if you don’t, you can’t be successful.  You learn how to push yourself past your limits to better yourself.  You learn to communicate not only with words, but also with body movement.  You learn balance, grace in technicality, drive, and perseverance.  Rowing made me face my biggest conflicts, which were not necessarily physical, but the person in the six inch space between my ears.  Above all, rowing has meant becoming part of a family.

To my family it has meant many ours of dedication and time at the lake.  It also meant lots of family time together traveling to regattas.  It’s great for families because you can all be hands on, help each other, cheer and share time filled with joy.

My future plans include attending The University of Tennessee at Knoxville in the fall.  I plan to study medicine, more specifically kinesiology or nursing.  One day I hope to pursue a career in medicine and become an orthopedic surgeon.


Hayden Burger — Joined RCTW in 2012 when work brought his family to The Woodlands from Washington.  Hayden started rowing in Washington and had a strong desire to continue rowing so he would be ready to join the rowing team at the US Naval Academy.  Hayden will be joining his older sister at the Naval Academy and continuing a family tradition of military service.



Sr Picture0001Ben Miller — joined RCTW in the spring of 2013.  Ben received an Honorable Mention on the US Rowing Honor Roll for 2014-15.  Ben will attend the University of Texas in the fall to study Engineering.








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