2017 Space City Sprints

Rowing Club of the Woodlands dominates at Seabrook Regatta hosted by Bay Area Rowing Club on Saturday, April 8th, 2017.  In spite of strong head winds and deteriorating conditions our team proved themselves ready to compete in every event.

We are proud to have adults and youth rowers representing our team with skill and sportsmanship.  Parents also get in the action by providing support carrying equipment and enthusiastic cheers from shore!  We kicked off the event with C Dixon winning the first silver medal in the men’s master 40 and under single.  K Waddell earned the gold and J Schrick the silver in the men’s master over 40 single.  Mr Waddell and Schrick also earned the gold in the masters double event!  Also competing for our adults were S Smith and L Longbottom in the women’s double.

Our junior team dominated the junior events as follows:

Women’s Junior Novice 2x, Gold to M Masso and M Miller

Mens Junior Novice 1x, Gold to R Ivory-Ganja, Silver to C Kennedy, Bronze to S Huckabay

Women’s Junior 1x, Gold to C Dixon (this is no typo, this is Mr Dixon’s daughter.  We are proud of our families and the tradition that brings our team!)

Women’s Junior Novice 1x, Gold to M Masso, Silver to M Miller

Men’s Junior Novice 2x, Gold to C Kennedy and S Huckabay

Men’s Junior 1x, Gold to J Holdsworth

Men’s Junior 4x, Gold to J Holdsworth, C Kennedy, R Ivory-Ganja, S Huckabay

Men’s Junior 2x, Gold to J Holdsworth, R Ivory-Ganja

The two men in that last double went directly from one race to the next without rest, after winning each race by good margin.  Our full team will be competing in two weeks at the Texas Championships in Austin, TX.



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