2017 Texas Championships

On April 22 and 23 five adults and 13 youth athletes competed in Austin TX at the Texas Championships.

Of our adults, Mac Nash earned a gold medal in the Men’s master LtWt 1x, and a bronze in the Men’s master E-G 1x, as well as a silver in the Men’s master 2x E-G with his partner Keith Waddell.  Ignacio Gomez earned the silver medal in the Men’s master 1x B-C class.  Masters races are divided by age classes and handicapped for age.

Our youth rowers had a fantastic weekend as five of our young men; Chandler K, Rhys I, Matthew B, Tim P and Alex L, transitioned to sweep rowing just before this event and earned a silver medal in the Men’s Jr novice 4+.

Jack H led the Men’s Jr 1x until a missed stroke earned him the silver medal by .1 second in a very tightly contested race.

After having a crew interfere in their lane twice, catching an oar breaking crab, and rowing 750-800 meters through the heat with only 7 of the usual 8 oars, our Men’s Jr novice 4x made up of Rhys I, Alex L, Chandler K, and Seth H brought home gold medals and The David Alviar Cup as the State Champions!

Our young men rounded out their medal count with Chandler K and Seth H earning the bronze in the Men’s Novice 2x.  While teammates Matthew B and Alex L brought home gold and The Kevin & Barbara Barry Cup for the State Championship in this event!

Morgan M and Katelyn B earned gold in the Women’s Jr Novice 2x and the state championship, “The Jeff Mork Cup”.

Coach Flynn, “We are excited about the prospects that these race results show in our young, novice athletes.  They are certainly stepping up after only a few months of rowing!!”  Coach Dee, “We can’t wait to see what they will be capable of with more confidence and race experience.  We have an amazing group of young people!  Our next race will be the Central Youth Championships on May 6 & 7 where we plan to test our novices in varsity events.”


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  1. Frans Kopp

    Thank you for keeping all of us including the ones who can’t make it to regattas up to date on all the amazing achievements of our club rowers!


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