Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The foundation of the club, the Board of Directors meets regularly to address club business. The Board is nominated by the membership to facilitate club planning, development, and rowing education.

Members are encouraged to participate in the Board meetings typically held the 3rd Sunday of each month at 5:30pm.  Actual date and location announced on the website calendar.  If you have a subject or wish to speak with the board, please use the form at the bottom of this page to notify us of your request.

President, Jeff Schrick has been rowing for over 25 years.  He has competed in Masters and FISA regattas in sculling and sweep rowing.  Previously a member of Oak Ridge Rowing Association in Tennessee, he became a member of RCTW in 2007 and has served as a board member-at-large and as President.  Jeff coaches rowing clinics with master, club and youth rowing programs.  He has worked in Life Sciences for over 2 decades.  He is married with two boys.

Vice-President, Jim Hotop is a Level II US Rowing coach.  He has served the rowing community as a US Rowing Referee for over 27 years.  He has spent his life on the water and advocates safe boat handling of all watercraft through his various volunteer activities.  Jim became involved with rowing when his daughter started rowing in High School in Northern Virginia.  He brings a rowing perspective from the east coast, which has a rich rowing culture. He works as a Senior Project Manager and was transferred to Texas in 1998.  Jim’s travels as a referee allow him to share with RCTW a broader knowledge of our sport and what is working well for other organizations throughout the US.

Treasurer, Pamela Sanders joined the club in May 2008 as part of her cross training efforts for a Komen 3-day 60-mile walk; the walking didn’t stick, but the rowing did.  Pamela has lived in The Woodlands for nearly 40 years, raised three children and now works at Hewlett Packard as a Financial Analyst.  Thanks to Pamela’s efforts in many forms over her involvement, RCTW continues to evolve into a great organization to be a part of.

Secretary, Melissa Newman-Becker started rowing as a freshman for Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY and continued to row at Marist in the Women’s Varsity 8 through the rest of her college years. She picked up other sports after college to feed her inner athlete…triathlons, marathons, co-ed softball, and CrossFit.  Melissa was able to come back to rowing through the Learn to Row program at RCTW in 2016.  She can be found most Sunday’s on the lake enjoying the comradery of other Master rowers.

Board Members at Large

Frans Kopp retired in 2015 after 35 years of designing and overseeing construction of deep-water pipelines for Shell.  He and his wife live in North Conroe.  His “new” career is learning how to sing (“scary at my age”), play piano and after a 36 year hiatus, row again.  Frans learned how to row sweep in Salford England when he did post-grad work there for a year after graduating from Delft, in Netherlands.   He continued rowing for a couple more years in Holland.  Frans joined RCTW in 2015 and is now a lifelong learner of the art of sculling.  Frans  likes “tinkering” so he can often be found around the boathouse fixing boats and other things.  Frans also administers the Adult Learn to Row Program and is one of our adult Learn to Row teachers.

You may contact our board directly via email at

(This email address does not reach our coaches or non-voting board members.)

Non-Voting Board Members

Coaches Dee Hotop and Joe Flynn

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