Equipment is the life blood of our organization.  Proper daily maintenance is essential to the life of our equipment.

Please take care when moving boats from and back onto racks and note where arrows on hull indicate proper placement on rack arms.

Please take the time to properly prepare your shell before launching by installing all port covers and bunges/plugs and check for all bolts, washers, and nuts to be snug and ready to row. If you note lose oar locks during rowing or other serious issues, return immediately to the dock. Notify coach if present, mark boat as unfit to row until repaired and write note of damage or problem on white board.

When finished with your equipment, please take the time to wipe it down and store it properly.  For boats this would include removing all port covers and bunges/plugs.

These small steps will increase everyone’s enjoyment of our equipment!  Thank you!

Our fleet consists of:


3 Maas Aero Open Water (Max rower Weight 240 lbs) also called Rec(reational) Singles

2A     2B     2C

2 Maas 24 Open Water  (Max rower Weight 240 lbs) also called Rec(retational) Singles

3 A   3B

1 Peinert X25 Lightweight Racing (Max rower Weight 160 lbs)

Captain Whitaker

1 Peinert 26 Open Weight Racing (Max rower Weight 220 lbs)


1 Sykes Racing

 5E (Max rower Weight 165 lbs)

1 Maas Elite Racing (Max rower Weight 225 lbs)


2 Wintech Racing

Peace (Rower Weight 130-165 lbs)

Claymore (Rower Weight 180-225)

5 Swift Racing

S1, S2 (Rower weight 120-145 lbs)

S3 Elite Plus (Rower Weight 154-185 lbs)

Lancer (Rower Weight 150-185 lbs)

Bis Später Elite Plus (Rower Weight 180-220 lbs)


2 Hudson Doubles

Waterborne Energy (Avg Rower Weight 130-170 lbs)

Greg Holtkamp (Avg Rower Weight 160-170 lbs)

1 Vespoli Double

D2 White (Avg Rower Weight 150-180 lbs) 

1 Pocock Double/Pair

(Avg Rower Weight 190-220 lbs)

1 Sykes Double/Pair

D3 White (Avg Rower Weight 176 lbs)

1 Swift Double/Pair

Nash Rambler (Avg Rower Weight 125-170 lbs)


2 Sykes Quad/Fours

Red (Avg Rower Weight 154 lbs)

White with Blue Rigging (Avg. Rower Weight 165 lbs)

1 Vespoli Quad

Patience (Yellow) (Avg. Rower Weight 130-165 lbs)

1 Vespoli Four

Thunder (Avg. Rower Weight 180 lbs)

2 Hudson Quads

Lightning Silver (Avg. Rower Weight 175 lbs)

Parental Guidance (Avg. Rower Weight 130-170 lbs)

1 Pocock Quad

Charon (White) (Avg. Rower Weight 170-220 lbs)





Composite Engineering Inc.  Vespoli