The Chair of Rowing Club of The Woodlands shall preside at all regular and special meetings and shall be generally responsible for the efficient administration of all Board activities. The Chair is authorized to represent Rowing Club of The Woodlands but shall not legally bind it without express authorization by a majority of the Board present at a meeting at which a quorum is present.

Vice Chair

At the request of the Chair, or in the event of the absence or disability of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall perform the duties and possess the power of the Chair.


The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining adequate and proper records of all Board meetings. The Secretary shall make provisions to have the minutes of all meetings recorded and shall keep a record of all meeting minutes.


The Treasurer shall monitor expenditures of funds and oversee budget development and when necessary advice on financial management. On a monthly basis, the Treasurer shall monitor the financial records prepared by a third-party account.

Executive Director

There shall be an Executive Director employed by and responsible to the Board, who will carry out the purposes, policies, and programs of Rowing Club of The Woodlands as determined by the Board. The Executive Director shall be responsible for the administration of Rowing Club of The Woodlands and its activities according to established policies; shall make recommendations to the Board for approval of any plans that require funding not previously budgeted, and shall report and perform such other duties incident to the position as are required by the Board. The day to day operations of Rowing Club of The Woodlands shall be under the direction of the Executive Director.

Member At Large

The Member at-Large is a Board member that serves as a liaison between the Club and the board of directors. The Member at large attends all board meetings. Attendance gives the Member an understanding of the board’s direction and stance on issues. Taking information back to the membership in a timely fashion is imperative.

Head Coach

Shall be responsible for fostering a spirit of sportsmanship, healthy competition and growth for the team and the individuals which form it, and actively working with the athletes and their parents to help them achieve their goals at the boathouse and in the sport of rowing.



Oversee the organization, storage and maintenance of the boathouse including:

Open List of Activities

  • Racks
  • Floors
  • Storage items
  • Boat rags/wash weekly
  • Weights
  • Fans
  • Lighting

Keep list of items that are stored in the boathouse


Open List of Activities
  • Instructors for Learn to Row
  • Schedule Learn to Row/Answer questions regarding LTR
  • Boathouse attendants for open rows; open boathouse for Masters, help with boats and close boathouse
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Work with coaches to oversee compliance with general safety training and guidelines for the club including clinics of all types
  • Coordinate National Learn to Row Day(s)
  • Help with monthly rigging class for youth and Masters
  • Drive Jon Boat during practice with the assistant coach
  • Help maneuver launches before and after practice if needed


Open List of Activities
  • Maintain club equipment
  • Provide periodic status reports
  • Periodic checks for worn parts and maintenance work
  • Preseason painting of oars and oar maintenance
  • Engine maintenance on launches
  • Preseason checks on trailer
  • Minor repairs and upkeep on all equipment including ergometers
  • Minor boat repairs, clean and buff boats
  • Maintain Boat logs

Fundraising/Public Relations

Open List of Activities
  • Plan and organize fundraisers
  • Go fund me possibilities
  • Manage and promote Flip give Program
  • Write articles for website, work with local newspapers and magazines
  • Photography/Video
  • Sponsorships

Regatta Travel

Open List of Activities
  • Make travel and Hotel Reservations for the club
  • Plan meals, breakfast, lunch and snacks during regatta
  • Coordinate all catered meals/Plan and schedule dinners
  • Collect funds if necessary
  • Cook breakfast and lunch items
  • Tent set up and take down
  • Drive trailer


Open List of Activities
  • Welcome new members
  • Recruiting ideas and implementation
  • Oversee all social activities and special events
  • Plan monthly socials
  • Coordinate and oversee our quarterly Adopt-A-Path trash pick up
  • Look for opportunities to interact with our community to broaden the clubs impact in the Woodlands

Website/Social Media

Open List of Activities
  • Website Design and upkeep
  • Write articles/blogs for Facebook and social media
  • Manage GroupMe, Instagram and Facebook
  • Keep up with Woodland’s on-line, Google, MapQuest, Yelp, Woodland’s Township and so forth
  • Police all sites
  • Keep information current where necessary
  • Excel Support


Open List of Activities
  • Organize and manage team store/stock in Boathouse
  • Place orders for Uniforms/Jackets and so forth. Measure kids
  • Order and distribute or sell yard signs, magnets, keychains and so forth

Membership Coordinator

Open List of Activities
Handles administration, proper signatures, complete forms, approvals, archiving old documents and keeping participant documents in separate and searchable folders. Maintains boathouse codes.

Volunteer Coordinator

Open List of Activities
  • Oversee volunteer website and binder
  • Tracks volunteer hours
  • Helps plan volunteer opportunities
  • Keeps track of monthly volunteer bulletin board in boathouse