Boat Handling

 On the water:Bridge Traffic Pattern Layout

 Some basics to help our equipment serve our membership better:

  1. Oars and other items to be taken in the boat should be placed by the dock first.
  2. Place the blades with the tips down anytime they are on a hard surface to help protect the paint.
  3. Place slings on the grass pad in front of the boathouse.
  4. Boats should be placed on slings and checked for safety, port covers closed, deck bungs put in, and any adjustments made prior to taking to the water.  (bungs are located in the top drawer on the table inside the boathouse)
  5. Boats should be placed in the water bow out to make rowing away from the dock easy and to cause fewer traffic issues with shells already on the water.
  6. Boats should be backed into the dock when landing.
  7. Oarlock gates should only be opened to place oars in or remove them.  Please close them immediately.
  8. All boats except the 4 lower doubles go into the boathouse stern first.  The four lower doubles should be placed in bow first to avoid conflicts with the quads and the doubles fins.  Please place the doubles on their gunnels toward the door.
  9. When possible rest the boat on the gunnels on at least one end.  Avoid resting any boat on the wash box.
  10. After rowing all boats should be slung, checked for new damage, and cleaned thoroughly.
  11. Remove port covers and bungs before storing shells in the boathouse.
  12. Blades should be returned to the house after the handles have been wiped down.
  13. When in doubt please ask for help!
  14. Report any damage immediately to 832-443-2309, place a piece of yellow caution tape in a prominent location on the equipment so it will not be used until it is repaired.  Note the damage and shell on the dry erase board hanging to the left of the table.  (Dry erase pens are in the shelves on the table)