Internal Communication Platform


Click above to get the app, It’s free and works on the following operating systems:

 apple  android  window  laptop

Our team and participants have the opportunity to sign up to one of the closed groups the club has developed and receive training updates, share ideas, connect and plan rowing events.

Sign up below for the group that best meets your needs to stay better connected to the club.  We hope these groups will assist you, our members in finding friends within the club to row with on a regular basis!  To turn Alerts on/off use the Settings page on your Smartphone.  You can also temporarily Mute notifications.

If you do not install the App, you will only receive and can reply to Group Messages via regular SMS. With the App, you can Direct Message within the App to individuals in the Group.  Your phone number and email remain private, only known to the administrator of a Group.  More info at