Hometown Henley 2019

It’s always a pleasure to welcome our friends from across the border in Louisiana! Coaches John and Hannah Huppi and their staff always bring a fun group of athletes with them to share our lake and make rowing interesting and fun! “The friendships we are building are important to both our programs. It is what the rowing community is all about”, said Coach Hotop.

We race Henley style, down Lake Woodlands with 2-3 boats going head to head for either 2000 or 1000 meters depending on their experience level. This year we started the festivities off with a pool party and pizza where the athletes, parents, and coaches all got to mingle and have fun.

Sunday the racing was mostly for fun and training. But don’t tell our athletes that, because not a single one of them gave anything less than their very best! Club t-shirts were exchanged in honor of the old traditions of rowing where the winners got the shirts of the crew they beat. In this case, every athlete walked away with a shirt from the other team exchanged respectfully over lunch. Every shirt will be worn proudly over the next year as the athletes await their next meeting on the water to see who comes out the faster crew! Who has become stronger, taller, more precise in their technique…the better rower, or the better team on the chosen day…

Coach Joe Flynn says, “Every race is always important, they show us what our athletes do well, and what they need to work on. Reminds them they need to work hard.” Coach Huppi from NORC added, “We like these exchanges, where our athletes can have some fun and get faster all at the same time. We enjoy our partnership with RCTW on these events and hope to have them visit us soon!”