Over forty clubs descended on the 1996 Olympic Venue at Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia, for this year’s John Hunter Regatta last weekend. The Regatta is open to all college, scholastic and youth rowing teams and is a two-day event hosted by the St. Andrew’s Rowing Club. The 2000 meter course is a 6 lane buoyed course with starting platforms, enclosed finish tower and stadium seating for 3000 fans.

Eight members from RCTW traveled to Gainesville to participate in seven events and ten races. All eight competitors won medals in their events, and medaled in nine out of the ten races! It was quite a showing for RCTW and they definitely made their mark during their first appearance at John Hunter! Most at the competition did not know where the Woodlands was; they do now!

The boys began the day Sunday with the Men’s Youth 1X and Mathew W. winning the gold and Chandler K. the Silver. Morgan R. and Kate B. won a Bronze medal in the Women’s Youth Varsity 2-. Simon B. and Morgan M. won the Silver in the Men’s Youth Varsity 2- followed by Chandler K. and Reese S. winning the Gold medal in the Men’s youth Varsity 2X. Michael P. and Mathew W. came in second to bring home silver.

That afternoon brought three more medals with Chandler K. and Reese S. winning Gold in the Men’s Youth Ltwt 2X; Michael P., Mathew W., Morgan M., Simon B. and Chandler K. as Cox, won the Silver in the Men’s Youth U17 4+ and the girls earned a silver in the Women’s Varsity 2x.