Ergathon 2019

Our junior team started the spring season off strong with 3 gold medals and a bronze! All athletes competing in this annual event had strong performances in their events. Kate B, one of our Seniors, earned gold in the women’s coxswain event. Chandler K followed up to bring home the men’s coxswain gold medal.

We had two boys in the heat on erg 1 and erg 3. Michael P went out with a plan to take the lead in the end by driving down hard at the end of the race. Everything was under control until his shoe came off! His coxswain cannot help, no one can help! Michael had to race the last half of the race with his feet out of the straps. He finished strong in 3rd place by .3 seconds behind 2nd place. Teammate Matthew W confidently took the lead from the beginning and held it unchallenged over the entire 2000 meters. He followed his race plan to the letter and brings home the gold medal. The top three finishers posted sub 7 minute times! Both these young men look forward to pushing each other and their teammates to faster times both on the erg and the water this season!

Our team consisted of strong performances from Rafa S, Sofia A and Simon B as well! Rafa went prepared to race a 2K and learned just minutes before his race that his race plan had to be changed to a 1K because of a mix up in the rules packet. Coach Joe commented, “It is hard to change your entire plan on such short notice, but Rafa did an excellent job of adapting. He listened to his coxswain and performed admirably in spite of the confusion!” Coach Dee, “We teach our athletes to be a part of the race planning process, so the shift was quietly made and Rafa and his coxswain got to work. We are very proud of how calmly Rafa executed the plan and didn’t get ruffled by the changes. We are excited about the possibilities and future of our team!”