Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2019

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What To Expect

During this three day camp your young athlete will be provided training in the

  • History of rowing
  • The parts of the boat or shell (as it is known in the boat house)
  • How to care for the boat.
  • How to properly Erg (use a row machine)
  • How to row using a boat with pontoons to assist with balance.
  • How to transition from a boat with pontoons to one without.
  • How to row with someone else.

The three day camp is only 75 dollars, while seating is available.

Registration is open

Thank you for your interest in rowing this year. We have a wonderful schedule ready for you and your athlete. Please take the time to fill out our short registration questionnaire and submit it by clicking the last button on the form.

The Coaches and the Staff will use this information to send the required forms and information to start. Please look out for our emails. They will have our initials RCTW in the title or subject head.

If you have any questions please contact us at our phone number listed below or on our Facebook page.

“Real athletes row. Everyone else just plays games.”

“Glory is in the team not the individual.” – Sean Sullivan

“I lived in fear of waking up to that phone call [wondering why I was not at the boathouse] instead of my alarm clock. When they find out I rowed in college, people always tell me how much they admire my discipline. Those are usually the same people who tell me how ‘relaxing’ and ‘peaceful’ rowing looks as they drive to work along the Potomac in the morning. Discipline had little or nothing to do with it; it was simply fear of that phone call.” — Matt Classen, Georgetown University Lightweights 1995