The Sanchez Family, K. Torrance and A. Howell enjoy a beautiful day on the Thames River watching the Henley Royal Regatta!




The Henley Royal Regatta opened today with it’s third largest entry ever!  There are 565 crews entered from around the world.  Crews will be competing through July 8th.  All 5 days of racing can be watched right here:

A a strong American contingent of competitors are represented in the form of Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Washington and Temple universities.

Henley Regatta was first held in 1839 and has been held annually ever since, except during the two World Wars. Originally staged by the Mayor and people of Henley as a public attraction with a fair and other amusements, the emphasis rapidly changed so that competitive amateur rowing became its main purpose.

The traditional length of the Course is 1 mile 550 yards (2,112 metres),
which was the longest distance of open water that could be obtained in 1839 on the Henley Reach.

Keep an eye out as RCTW brings Henley Style racing to Lake Woodlands!