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Athletes Wanted

We are looking for athletes from 7th grade through High School who want to compete: who want to grow and be part of a team of excellence.  

  • Compete to win and grow!
  • Learn to row just like a National Team Athlete
  • Coaches trained and experienced in Rowing
    • Former Division I athlete/medal winner
    • US Rowing Certified
    • Safe Sport Certified
  • Be respected by coaches and officials around the country for your sportsmanship, skill, and character because of the team you are involved in!

We accept all athletes of all skills, we will teach you the sport of rowing!  We will teach you to row well, to compete admirably.  You will join a team and become part of a family that seeks excellence in rowing and effort.  Through that effort, we win medals and championships.  Most of all, you will gain experience, life long friendships, and respect!  Join us Today!!!

You could be one of our ever-growing number of athletes who achieve their dreams of rowing in college!  We have athletes who have gone on to university at the likes of:

West Point, The Naval Academy, University of Texas, Orange Coast College, Oklahoma University, University of Sydney, University of Massachusetts, and Southern Methodist University, to name a few!

We are proud of all our athletes.  Whether our athletes graduate and choose to continue their rowing careers in college, or choose to focus on their academic or other pursuits.  We have athletes who come back and row with us often, athletes from universities across the country who come and learn to scull from us while on holiday.  Your athlete will be encouraged to foster a love of education and the sport of rowing throughout life!

Our practice schedule can be found on our website calendar.  During the school year our competitive athletes meet five days per week and our development athletes 3 days per week.  Our general practice schedule includes water training to prepare for racing and technical skills.  In the fall we train to compete at longer distances and in the spring we compete in sprint races.  Our athletes also enjoy strength and conditioning work, with specific strength training at Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday practices.  Training also includes ergometer (indoor rowing machines), running, stair training, nutrition and goal setting.

To find out more call 832-510-7609 or complete the form below: